Monday, October 26, 2009

Man bijt hond... new version of the leader!

A few months ago, Beast created the new leader of the Woestijnvis-program 'Man bijt Hond' (see making of and it's a wrap).  The idea was that, during the year - and with the change of seasons - certain shots would be adapted. And with the start of fall, the first adaptation is a fact! The new version of the trailer will be on screen one of the upcoming weeks. Enjoy these making of pictures.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Beast Animation presents Master Bator @ MIPCOM

Last week Beast Animation was at MIPCOM 2009, the International Film and Programme Market for Television, Video, Cable and Satellite in Cannes, France. Beast presented Master Bator, a brandnew 52 webisodes' series, to several interested content aggregators and producers. Enjoy the pictures of Ben and Pilar in Cannes... and try to find Master Bator himself!

More pictures of Master Bator in Cannes on the facebook fan page.

Master Bator on facebook