Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy Beasts

While Willy is still walking around in our premises there are a lot of crazy happy people giving the best of themselves in stopmotion world. The “Oh Willy” team is shooting on full speed and are making great shots. Very promising!
In the meantime there is another Beast crew shooting a new commercial. As usual we are not really allowed to show images from the film before it’s being aired. So here’s is one not showing anything whilst showing something. (Sorry, we’re a bit tired after a few 20 hour shooting days /-)

We’ll post the commercial and a REAL making-of in a few weeks.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Willy @ Beast

Since a few weeks we have a very very very special guest at our studios: Willy. He’s the leading actor in a new short film Beast Animation is producing. The film is written and directed by Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels and the title is… “Oh Willy”.
Our co production partners are Vivement Lundi (F), Polaris (F) and Il Luster (NL).
The universe of Willy is very rich and completely made out of wool (and some other fabrics). Emma and Marc are doing an exceptionally good job supported by a very enthusiast team. Andreas De Ridder and Steven De Beul have been animating the first part of the shoot. Steven will move on to other projects and is replaced by Alice Tambellini. The sets where mainly constructed in France by Vivement Lundi, the remaining sets are build at Beast by Joeri Bollaert with some assistance of Dimitri Vandermeulen. Puppets are finished and maintained by Emma, assisted by Babs Raedschelders and Dorien Schetz. Who are also building al lot and a lot of beautiful props. Besides directing, Marc is also doing a great job as DOP. And the whole shoot is controlled and planned by Marianne Chazelas.

Small team. Great results!   Enjoy these making of "Oh Willy" pictures.

 Willy acting one of his first scenes

 Steven animating Willy's mother.

 Emma, Marc and Steven discussing animation and rigging.

Willy at the puppet hospital.

Emma preparing the Yeti for shooting.

The small set where we shoot the interior scenes.

Andreas animating little Willy.

Andreas animating little Willy. 

The film will be finished by end of this year. Without any doubt more news later on!

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