Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We have been busy...

that's why it took us a while to post some news here :-).

For Woestijnvis, we shot the Winter-version of the 'Man bijt Hond'-leader in Ypres. This version will be screened until the Spring-version we will shoot in March.

For our Beast Wishes we created a youtube game with a new character called 'Bazas'. Every single aspect of this project was done in-house: puppet-building, animation, postproduction image and music. We are planning more funny stuff with him in 2010.

For Strass Interactive, we build a prototype of a puppet they wanted to use in an online campaign.

For director Douglas Boswell we are building an animation puppet called 'Slensje'. It's a test for one of his upcoming projects.

For our 'Master Bator' project, we made a (slightly animated) Season's Greetings card, which can be seen here.

And in the meantime we are pitching for commercials, installing a (director's) pool with young stopmotion-talent, continuing the preproduction of 'Beiaard' and the European Living Tales and we are developing a brand-new children's series...

As we said... we are busy :-)

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