Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A town called Panic... in Flemish!

The upcoming weeks Beast's Ben and Beast's Steven are assisting voice director Jan Eelen on the flemish dubbing of St├ęphane Aubier's and Vincent Patar's feature film 'A Town called Panic'. For the Flemish cast, Jan Eelen contacted the actors from his famous TV-comedy shows 'In de Gloria' and 'Het Eiland' to play some roles (Bruno Vanden Broecke, Tom Van Dijck, Wim Opbrouck, Lucas Vanden Eynde, Tania Vander Sanden, Frank Focketeyn, Ann Miller). To complete the (impressive) cast, Jelle de Beule and Jonas Geirnaert from 'Neveneffecten' will be lending their voices too. The Flemish dubbing and mixing is done at Brussels based Sonicville.

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