Saturday, July 31, 2010

New work coming up!

Sorry for being so silent lately. We’ve been very busy the last months We would love to show you some images but these projects are still “top secret”. So we’ll try you show you something without showing you anything... Capice?

We've been shooting a commercial for big pharma company. Around the beautiful set we’ve build a complete “white box”. Hot animation!

Andreas De Ridder animating our crazy character.

We will be able to show you the result soon!

Only two days ago we finished shooting the new leader for “Man Bijt Hond”. 
Just as last year David Toutevoix was our DOP.

Andreas and Ben animating until 1 in the morning AND dancing afrobeat J

Joeri Bollaert and Carole Pizzaferri preparing the last set for “Man Bijt Hond”.
The show will start on (Flemish) television at the end of august. We’ll show our international friends the result a little after.

And there is more to come!!! 

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